Welcome to The Pillow 'Verse! We are a tumblr-based Dean/Castiel round robin fanfiction challenge taking place over Supernatural's 2013 summer hiatus.

Click here for for more information on the challenge.

(Poster Art by Guusana)



All of us here at The Pillow Verse want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts: for reading, for sending us lovely notes of feedback and encouragement, and for following along with us on this summer adventure. It’s been a pleasure indulging in this project with you, and we’re beyond thrilled it’s been read and enjoyed! Below is a roundup of final links!


Masterpost of Stories & Art


Download the Final Full Series PDF (includes all of Guu’s art) (thanks to Nyoka for putting it together!)

Download Chapters 1-11 in Portugese (thanks to Caliel66!)


Read series in entirety at Archive of Our Own

Music Mixes (thanks to Dirtyovercoats for making these!)

The Pillow Verse: Volume I

The Pillow Verse: Volume II

Thank you all again! And may S9 bring us great Dean/Cas moments!

In Domestic Dean/Castiel Schoompy, Fluffy, Pillowy Love,
Your Pillow Verse Team,
Nyoka, Anna, Bexy, Guu, Katie, Rae, and Jenny ♥ 

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