Welcome to The Pillow 'Verse! We are a tumblr-based Dean/Castiel round robin fanfiction challenge taking place over Supernatural's 2013 summer hiatus.

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Chapter One: Homeward Bound by Pastrymisha | Art by Guusana

Chapter Two: Ablution by Clothessharing | Art by Guusana

Chapter Three: Leave the Light On by Outpastthemoat | Art by Guusana

Chapter Four: A Hole in the Ground by Nyokala | Art by Guusana

Chapter Five: With Hands That Are Dying & Resurrected by Dirtyovercoats | Art by Guusana

Chapter Six: The Best Defense is a Good Offense by Weatherers | Art by Guusana

Chapter Seven: On the Border by Pastrymisha | Art by Guusana

Chapter Eight: Sunrise Serenade by Dirtyovercoats | Art by Guusana

Chapter Nine: Perfect Fit by  Outpastthemoat | Art by Guusana

Chapter Ten: The Consolation by Clothessharing 

Chapter Eleven: My Wandering Days Are Over by Nyokala 

Chapter Twelve: The Pearl by Pastrymisha

Chapter Thirteen: The Road And The Sea by Weatherers

Chapter Fourteen: Storm Approaching by Clothessharing

Chapter Fifteen: Lost by Outpastthemoat 

Chapter Sixteen: Remembrance by Dirtyovercoats

Chapter Seventeen: Landfall Part I & Part II by Nyokala | Art by Guusana

Epilogue by Clothessharing


Promotional Poster by Guusana | Non-text Version

Promotional Poster II by Guusana | Non-text Version

Dean/Castiel Art by Jukebox-Head

Promotional Graphic by Cheekycas

Promotional Graphic by Dirtyovercoats

Cas Art by You-Were-Fantastic

Cas Sketch by Thewaymyfoxwas


The Pillow Verse: Volume I by Dirtyovercoats

The Pillow Verse: Volume II by Dirtyovercoats