Welcome to The Pillow 'Verse! We are a tumblr-based Dean/Castiel round robin fanfiction challenge taking place over Supernatural's 2013 summer hiatus.

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livinginthequestion asked: I'm such a noob at the AO3 thing -- is there a way to link up the Pillowverse chapters so it can be downloaded as one work, instead of downloading each individual chapter? (Obviously, I want to keep this puppy for rereading...). Thanks!

Hi there! As far as I know, I don’t think you can do that with series. Only with full works. If anyone following us knows anything differently, please reply!

But from what I know, I think you’d have to download each chapter separately as a PDF.

If you want a full PDF for reading of the entire series, we created our own that you can download here. We don’t have any other ereader options at the moment, if that was the thing you were trying to convert into. But if any our followers have other ereader options, feel free to send them our way and we will link them here! Thank you!

Apologies: There was one piece of art missing in the PDF, but it’s been corrected and reuploaded here. The link in the roundup has also been corrected to reflect this new version. But in case you already downloaded or reblogged an older version of the post, you may want to check the new link out!

Thank you again, and happy reading! ♥

(Poster Art by Guusana)



All of us here at The Pillow Verse want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts: for reading, for sending us lovely notes of feedback and encouragement, and for following along with us on this summer adventure. It’s been a pleasure indulging in this project with you, and we’re beyond thrilled it’s been read and enjoyed! Below is a roundup of final links!


Masterpost of Stories & Art


Download the Final Full Series PDF (includes all of Guu’s art) (thanks to Nyoka for putting it together!)

Download Chapters 1-11 in Portugese (thanks to Caliel66!)


Read series in entirety at Archive of Our Own

Music Mixes (thanks to Dirtyovercoats for making these!)

The Pillow Verse: Volume I

The Pillow Verse: Volume II

Thank you all again! And may S9 bring us great Dean/Cas moments!

In Domestic Dean/Castiel Schoompy, Fluffy, Pillowy Love,
Your Pillow Verse Team,
Nyoka, Anna, Bexy, Guu, Katie, Rae, and Jenny ♥ 

Anonymous asked: hi thanks for the story, it was fantastic! it really pleased the whole waiting for the season 9. hope you guys will enjoy it!

Thank you so much anon! That was definitely the goal — to help through hiatus in one piece, and using the canon sruprise of the bunker as a way to do it! Thanks for reading and we’re thrilled you enjoyed it!

a mix for dean/cas domesticity 

[dl] [stream] [vol. 1]

rylyshar asked: Loved this. The whole thing. Ok, especially the shmexy times, but this has been just lovely! Thank you!

Thank you so much for the note! It’s been a pleasure bringing this to you all and we’re happy you enjoyed it! <3

ambersagen asked: Thank you for a wonderful verse. It's been great. You guys did good

You’re so welcome! We’re thrilled you enjoyed it! <3

Epilogue [The Pillow ‘Verse]
Author: theyreabsolute
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Castiel
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: reference to sexuality
Count: 1,375
Summary: Castiel’s hand-eye coordination is scary good.

A/N: This is the end of the Pillow ‘Verse. Thank you very much for all your support, and here is to good things in Season 9!

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Anonymous asked: Are there any more chapters to Landfall? I want read them as well (:

We have one more — the epilogue posting later today! Hope you enjoy the end! <3

caliel66 asked: Hi, here is the link to the Portuguese translation, chapters 1-11. Pdf format. If you need it in another format, ask me. Thanks for everything! mediafire(.)com/download/qfs9284nlhq59rb/Pillow_verse_Portuguese_1-11(.)pdf

This is so great! Thank you so much for this!

Here’s the link for anyone interested in downloading the Portuguese translations of Chapters 1-11 of the Pillow Verse.